Midway through 2018 I finally decided to get off the pill once and for all


From the moment I made that decision I have been fighting a constant battle to rebalance my hormones and regain the healthy skin I once had. It has been a tiring process and I almost gave in several times to the allure of clean skin by manipulating my hormones with the ‘pill’. In this blog post I'm not going to talk about why the pill is bad for you or why I decided to quit. At this point I just want to share with you how I succeeded at rebalancing my hormones and how I brought my skin back under control. Keep reading to find out how : )

This is for all you girls out there who want to get off the pill but you have struggled with skin issues every time you try. I want you to believe there is a way for you to regain your healthy skin and say goodbye to the horrible pill for good. I can tell you now with patience and commitment you can do it. And I am confident that with the right information and learning from my mistakes you can do it much quicker. 

It for sure hasn’t been easy and I've tried almost every treatment you can think of. From different diets, medications and home remedies to staying out of the sun or covering my face in apple cider vinegar. I tried it all and I finally found a remedy for me. Now I know what I need to do to control my skin, but that doesn't mean my skin is always perfect. It just means that I know why my skin goes bad when it does, and I know how to fix it.

If you struggle with any sort of skin issue you really need to ask yourself WHY!! What does my skin want to tell me here? The skin is our biggest organ and holds 20% of our natural bacteria in it and on it, this bacteria gets fed by the other 80% of our bacteria in our gut. The skin is the window to our inner health and is also an organ that releases a lot of our toxins. So if there is something wrong with your skin, ask yourself - what could be the tigger??

Do I have too much physical or mental stress right now, how good is my sleep, am I drinking enough, do I drink alcohol or smoke, what do I eat?? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. I know life sometimes isn't fair and there are girls out there who have great skin while eating whatever they want. But that does not mean they are healthy. They might even be still taking the birth control pill which helps with your skin but causes a lot of harm to your body.