Over the last few weeks we have been getting many questions on travel - when we will travel, what it will look like, and how the industry will manage during this pandemic.


This is the longest period in four years that we haven’t travelled, so it has been a major change for us!  We know many of you share our passion for travel so it’s something on all our minds. 

We don’t have all the answers right now, we are letting the health experts lead the way. But, one thing we do know is that the coronavirus restrictions will be a reality for a while.  

While countries around the world have been locked down for months now, we are slowly starting to see things open up around the world, but leisure travel has still pretty much screeched to a halt for now.  Countries are handling the pandemic differently so it’s important to follow guidance issued by your own government agencies. 

We wanted to take the time to answer some of your burning questions related to travel the best we can!