With over 100km of piste in Obertauern, there’s so much to explore.


Austria is a magical place, and our winter ski trip to Obertauern has left us wanting more!

This was our first ever snow experience together and although I haven’t been snowboarding in over 5 years, it was absolutely amazing.

We love to travel to summer destinations, but being in the snow together has been such a beautiful change of scenery! The towering mountains, the calming white landscapes, the peaceful atmosphere coupled with the crisp, fresh air all come together to give you this refreshing, peaceful feeling.

Once again we’ve been blown away by the variety of wonderful offerings this incredible planet has.

If you haven’t been on a ski holiday yet, it’s time to plan one. We created this travel guide to fuel your wanderlust! If you’re looking for the best winter ski destination in Austria, Obertauern is the place to go to.

Below we will link to everything we did, places you can eat (also vegan meals) and where to stay in Obertauern.