5 Examples of Responsible Tourism


Sustainable and responsible tourism has always been the number one priority for Marie and I whenever we visit a country and culture that isn’t our own. Now more than ever we have seen first hand how devastating the lack of tourism can be for economies and livelihoods in countries such as Indonesia. With this in mind we have asked ourselves the question “How can we be responsible tourists during this Coronavirus pandemic so that we can support people who truly desperately need it?”

Having been living in Bali for 7 months, which is the longest we have been in one place for 4 years. We really felt the need to travel once again to not only check in with friends and family back home but to also get a first hand experience of what tourism is really like right now. We had heard many different things in the media and a lot of it was conflicting. Instead of listening to what others were saying, we wanted to see for ourselves. So we decided to travel, the big question was 'how could we travel without jeopardizing the safety of others?'

Since we left Bali we arrived in Greece, made our way from Athens to Santorini, explored Santorini, left for Italy and then explored some more. In the post will talk about our experience first hand and give you the 5 most important examples of how we've been responsible tourists and how you can too. From practicing social distancing to respecting the laws, rules and regulations of the countries you travel to and from, continue reading to hear all about our first hand experiences.