If travelling the world was easy, everybody would do it. It takes sacrifice, you’ll have to give some things up


When it comes to the topic of how we afford so much travel it is easy to assume that we come from ‘family money’ or that we get all expenses paid trips to advertise everything we do. It is a lot harder to learn the truth. The truth is, anybody can do what we do! Maybe photography, videography and blogging isn’t your jam but in terms of travel anybody who has the courage to take a chance and the commitment to see something through, can travel us much as us. 

There are two things that stop most people from living their dreams, its a lack of these two things. Time and money! You might want to travel the world like us, you might need more time and money to start up that business idea you’ve been thinking about, maybe you want to buy a house or a block of land or even just spend more time with your loved ones. Everybody is different, we all want different things but there are somethings we wish we all had more of, time and money fall into that category. There are three sides to the dilemma of affording travel, first of all how do you make the money in the first place? Secondly how do you save it? And thirdly how do you find the freedom to spend it the way you want?